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At the crossroads of all cultures and universes (music, video games, television, fashion, ...) PRIME PROD has, for 22 years, supported brands in the design and production of events with high added value.

The creation of emotions and the development of experiential marketing are keys to strengthen the attachment between a brand and its customers.

Aware of the stakes, PRIME PROD invents magic and imagines tailor-made experiences. And because emotion is above all a history of culture and art, PRIME PROD is surrounded by artists in all fields, whether creative or technical.

re-enchant the event !!



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A company does much more than
sell a product or service,
it creates memories.


PRIME PROD captures the moment and creates an unforgettable meeting, to strengthen the ties with your teams or your customers.

PRIME PROD celebrates all cultures to stage emotions and share unforgettable moments..

being authentic
is no longer an option !!

Demonstrating its values and commitments is essential, especially in front of an ultra connected and informed consumer. Creating emotion is not just about technology. It is the result of an alchemy of culture and art, sculpted by artists, whether creative or technical, and where the brand is first and foremost a must-see, placing at the center of attention the people for whom this rare moment is intended.